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We recruit qualified temporary workers and provide flexibility of employment for your company.
Temporary work is the performance of tasks for the user employer that are seasonal and periodic in nature. It is a flexible form of employment and can be used by companies when increasing the need for additional staff. Abalone recruits and employs temporary workers who are tailored to the established requirements for the positions.

We use a standardized recruitment process and multi-channel promotion of job offers, which allows us to quickly reach the right employees for a specific period and position.

Benefits of temporary work:

  • quick adjustment of the employment level of external staff to the current needs of the company (in situations where there is a need to periodically increase the staff - seasonality)
  • flexible response to market changes, e.g. in the event of no possibility of permanent employment
  • staff changes (e.g. ensuring continuity in the position in the event of an employee's illness or longer leave)
  • relieving the client's internal HR department in the field of recruitment and selection
  • administrative, HR and payroll optimization, legal security

Employment of temporary workers is regulated by the Act of July 9, 2003. The total period of temporary work performed by a temporary employee for a single user employer may not exceed 18 months in a period covering 36 consecutive months.
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