Permanent recruitment

The service consists in reaching and selecting candidates with competences tailored to the company's requirements.

Permanent recruitment is preceded by a thorough analysis of the company's business needs as well as the challenges and key competences required for the offered position. Abalone, we try to get to know the client's company in order to propose candidates who will best fit into its organizational culture and, at the same time, will bring the quality of competence and personal quality to the client's work environment.


  • adjusting the recruitment process to the client's needs and expectations
  • quick access to people with the required competences
  • time saving and efficiency of the entire recruitment process
  • analysis of the local labor market and potential in the region
  • verification of candidates' competences and motivation
  • professionally conducted recruitment, selection and recommendation process

Employer area

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We will propose the best candidates. We use effective methods of reaching the indicated specialists and talents, and we conduct a selection process based on competency testing.

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