7 steps how to prepare for an interview over the phone?

Gabriela Moczyńska
04 March 2021
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Often, a telephone interview can be the first step in the recruitment process. This is a chance for the Recruiter to get to know you better. Below we suggest how to prepare for such an interview:

1. Before you call, make sure that you have comfortable conditions for the conversation.

2. Before the interview, think about your strengths and most important competences.

3. When calling the company, give the name of the position you want to apply for. Before that, carefully read the content of the advertisement.

4. Ask about the requirements for this position and the terms of the offer.

5. Respond to questions in a matter-of-fact manner, including the most relevant information about your skills and duties.

6. Prepare any questions you would like to ask.

7. If the offer turns out to be interesting for you - send your CV.

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